Brand Introduction

Unawares was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Kevin Ng.


From the beginning, the brand sought to be simple to complex everyday wear has become the main design category. With a combination of different materials and the use of different materials, we create a collection of everyday functional casual wear. The system extracts all the necessary elements of today's fashionable street, outdoor and traditional, and redefines urban casual men's wear. Trying to convey Unawares design aesthetics and establishing the identity of the fashion menswear field, this will be Unawares' project.


The design concept stems from the understanding of life's delicate feelings and unique visual aesthetics. In the years of design work, I find my own unique fashion taste and represent the attitude of young and new life. The brand is mainly based on monochrome, which brings out the simple and neat fashion style. It is good at selecting the inlay of different materials and highlighting the overall sense of clothing. Through the understanding of simple style, we design a simple, unique and meticulous high-quality men's wear. Low-key without losing taste. Unawares is trying to add more artistic and cultural elements to reinterpret the brand's attitude towards fashion.


This brand has been on the catwalk in the famous fashion week many times. Compared with the emerging brands, it can be said that it is relatively mature. You can know about our brand introduction or the report on HYPEBEAST!


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