Brand Introduction

LIFEGOESON is a brand concept and a culture and design inspiration throughout the brand.


The brand is mainly composed of men's clothing, including shoes and hats, hanging ornaments and some peripheral products. The products are based on the urban street, integrating street, military and other elements into the product to create a unique clothing style.


Distressed by the exhaustion of inspiration, tormented by the idea of ​​moving away, the "no idea design unit" team came into being


Committed to discovering the trivial details around life, using our ideas to sort out the works that best match the storytelling from the messy images, and to present your experience perfectly in the work, so that others can feel it. Kind of heartfelt taste of life


Acting low-key but not affected by the trend of regional boundaries, adhere to a unique design style and uphold the spirit of brand independence, this is LIFEGOESON