Brand Introduction

Founded in 14 years, LE TROTTOIR has a design style that travels between the dark and the street. The brand is black, white and gray. It is good at exploring the structure from the structure and the wearability. The easy-to-wear of the single item also adds to the wear. Diverse and experimental!

LE TROTTOIR wants not only to be a pure brand, but also to form a living LE TROTTOIR from other artistic dimensions. The future may involve performance art, microfilm, microfilm, electronic music, graphic art, brand products. The line contains clothing, bags, accessories, and home products.

This season is based on the future and space.

It comes from Berlin in the 1960s, in the gray neighborhood, and the streets where people come and go will flood the blond child. He never belongs here, does not belong to this neighborhood, does not belong to the arranged interpersonal relationship. His eyes are blind and he can't see the cumbersome overlap of the figurative. In the crowd he is compressed in a two-dimensional body between parallel lines, and in its eyes, everything is around; consciously from the extreme and contradictory Mercury, a pole There is only one line between the cold and the extreme heat. His world is gray and white, and he is deep in the gray area of ​​the universe. He came to Earth from Mercury with a mission to save boring humans.