織物 動物 微生物 C0VID-19
天空 透視 幾何 影像 變幻 質疑
無序 交織 空間 平衡 重組 新時代

新在沒有束縛的現實中充滿著無限可能性 新多元的排列組合代表著未來新圖景的雛形

我們從思想和行為上打破一切陳舊 探索服裝之於及服裝以外新的可能性 21SS服裝作為我們
新時代的載體 將無序的裁片在有維度的新空間中 打破平衡 再去尋找新的平衡 改變對於既定
款式的思維慣性 在不同風格類別上尋找交織點 探索出無法被主流文化認同的種種亞文化 這種

我們試圖用服裝傳達情緒、概念和理論 秉承著以人為本的思路 通過布料、質感、結構、空間
來發聲 用設計來關注社會現狀及探索新時代可能性的理念為出發點 探索新的價值 開闢屬於
青年人的新時代 我們的故事因此而開始 並以此為一直探索「新」的目的與意義


Fabric, Animal, Microorganism, COVID-19,
Sky, Perspective, Geometric, Image, Change, Questioning,
Disorder, Interweaving, Space, Balance, Reorganization, New century...

New is full of infinite possibilities in the unfettered reality. The new and diverse permutations and combinations represent
the embryonic form of a new picture in the future.

We break all obsolescenee in thought and behavior. Explore the new possibilities of clothing and beyond. 21 SS clothing
as the carrier of our new century. Put disordered pieces in a new dimension with dimensions. Break the balanee and find
a new balanee to change the inertia of thinking about the established style. Look for interweaving points in different style
categories. Explore various subcultures that cannot be recognized by mainstream culture. This bottom-up "cultural resis-
tanceM represents the sincere attitudes and ideas of young people. We try to use clothing to convey emotions, concepts
and theories. Sound through cloth, texture, structure, and space. Use design to focus on the current social situation and
explore the possibilities of the new era as a starting point. Explore new value. Our story begins because of this, and use
this as the purpose and meaning of always exploring the ‘’new emancipation‘’



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