Brand Introduction

What is your definition of beauty?

The beauty of deconstruction, have you found out?

Deconstruction believes that the structure has no center, the structure is not fixed, the structure is composed of a series of differences, the difference is changing, and the structure is also changing.

The use of clothing, the concept of decomposition, breaking/superimposing/recombining/components themselves, creating fragmentation and uncertainty, showing unconventional thinking, tailoring/fusion/recombination, joining the designer's philosophy, expressing deeper levels The two sides do not mean the same.

HARSH and CRUEL from the past to the present and the future, version improvement / concept endowment / design excellence, and constantly strive for excellence, hope to use the carrier of this clothing to invisible communication with friends who care about our brand, each design and use It is based on the premise that the wearer is comfortable, and the repeated growth and concept of riding are all hopeful for your gaze and affirmation.