Brand Introduction

Founded in 18 years, it was very rushed at the beginning. From the beginning of the germination to the final flowering results, the first single item "trash can" sweater came out in just one and a half months.

Black and white is the first criterion for brand building. It is also the only one. The brand wants to push black and white to more people. It is hoped that the clothes worn by everyone will be the most basic but not lost.

As a newly born brand, the first product is just to face the mentality of trying water, but slowly found that more and more people are beginning to like the first item and pay attention to the brand, to Later, when the stars used it, they found that the original ideas had a greater response and became the driving force for the future.

In 19 years, based on black and white, simple and comfortable design, creating an ordinary but unique style of single product series, each piece can independently match different feelings, hoping to give the public the most comfortable dressing experience.


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