Brand Introduction

This issue is still "parallel universe parallel universes"
Exploring / Invasion / Infiltration

As a continuation product release, we continue to make summer styles based on the established theme. We returned to the Xiaoshuguan designed by Ando Tadao and the color of the cement is very suitable for our overall product style, huge cement. The sense of space presented by the pouring of the building also reflects the urban shadow concept represented by ENSHADOWER.

As a summer force series, we have released regular styles such as bottoming shirts, basic printed short sleeves, organic pants and culottes, summer essentials for robes, skins, etc. For everyone to put on the shelves is the double rocker with the famous domestic skateboard brand RAD. The combination of UV-sensitive paint and lacquer surface can make a very strong color change effect even under natural light. If there is no accident, we will sell it in the next season. Time to release the long board series